Welcome Homes® Models


From Transitional to Colonial....Welcome Homes® has a design for you

How does Welcome Homes® work?

Work with your VSells & Associates agent to buy or sell land and build your dream home!

Create the personality of your new home


Welcome's design team has carefully curated active lifestyle inspired themes for each of our home plans. Using our online design studio, you can select themes for each room of your Welcome home along with a suite of optional amenities and appointed specialty rooms. Online or at our Manhattan design studio, you'll work with one of our team members to develop the finer details of your home. From personalized scents to unique experience features we make bringing your new home to life an unforgettable experience.

Define your community and lifestyle


To begin your acquisition process, Welcome's expert property analysis team uses our proprietary technology to present you with property options in beautiful thriving communities. Our search process can be catered to specific areas or community features. We dynamically assess all property types including properties that would require us to tear down existing structures.

Financing is available through our partners at up to 90%.

We bring your future to life


Welcome's construction process is effortless. Everything from permitting through finishing is completed for you without demand on your time. Your experienced team will send weekly updates with photos and events so you can see your home develop.

Pre-construction timelines vary but usually range from 4-8 months depending on the approvals required to begin building. Construction is generally completed within 8-10 months.