4 Reasons To Sell Your Howard County Home In Spring

4 Reasons To Sell Your Howard County Home In Spring

With the real estate market still at a seller’s advantage, this spring is a good time to consider selling your Howard County home. Spring is a traditional time to sell, with warming temperatures, spring flowers blooming, and buyers wanting to get out after being inside for the winter. Here are four reasons to sell your home in the spring.

Buyers Are More Active

Buyers want to look for a new home in the spring because they know the housing market picks up after a usually slow winter. A mixture of the weather, kids being in school, and holiday obligations makes the winter an inopportune time to try and sell your home; buyers are just too busy to look. Selling in the spring also ensures that kids will be situated in the area for the start of school in the fall. 

Best Weather For Moving

Spring is the perfect time to sell your home because you have almost perfect weather. Winter, with snow, cold, and ice, makes it difficult to move. Winter conditions may force you to change your moving day, which can also lead to settlement issues. In the summer, excess heat and humidity can challenge even the best moving companies. In the fall, the weather may be cooperative, but the start of school, fall sports, and other activities may make it harder to coordinate the move. Spring weather can be most cooperative, allowing houses to remain open as moving items are packed and loaded.

A Fresh and Colorful Exterior

Going hand-in-hand with improving weather, maximizing your curb appeal will demonstrate your home’s potential. Plant some early flowering plants to add color and make your home look inviting. Revitalize your lawn with excellent fertilizer and mowing. 

Trees and shrubs should enhance your property, not hide it, so take time to trim and prune to accent the property. Lastly, make sure the house itself is ready by cleaning gutters and the roof, and if necessary, repaint the trim to freshen up the appearance.

If you are considering selling your house in the spring, these tips will help you get your house ready. Looking to sell your Howard County home this coming spring? We can help! Contact Vsells & Associates today for more information. 

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