Howard County Homes For the Golden Years

Howard County Homes For the Golden Years

The golden years aren’t always gold. As we get older things start to fail. Our eyesight, our hearing, and unfortunately sometimes our memories. Looking for a place to live, for yourself, or a loved one, and finding the right accommodations for seniors can be difficult. There is often an additional level of care necessary and knowing you have someone on your side is one of the first steps.

Having the Conversation

Realizing that you can’t drive anymore is probably one of the first indications. Whether it’s because of eyesight failing, medications, or tremors, that loss of independence is usually around the same time that the first conversation starts. 

That first conversation is the most difficult. Is it time to find a more suitable home. Because leaving a home doesn’t just feel like a loss of independence. Your home is a place where you kept memories, possessions, even dreams. It’s so often connected with health issues, the inability to be near the ones you love, or loss of a significant other. 

There is often an initial struggle. Finding someone to consult with, who knows the best facilities for the needs of seniors and someone who knows how to negotiate all of the minutia, costs, care, contracts, and paperwork, can mean all of the difference in making the decision.

Costs of Care

One of the first considerations that seniors and their families face is the cost of living. Many don’t feel like they can afford to live in an Assisted Living or Memory Care facility. Even Respite Care can feel like it’s going to take your savings.

A caring consultant knows what costs are involved with being a senior or caring for a senior. They understand the importance of healthcare, prescriptions, nutrition, and equipment. Even the smallest item can be a huge cost.

By taking the time to consult with a family, the VSells Senior Transition Program can get an idea of the financial situation as well as the needs of the individual.

Quality of Care

Whether a person is already in Howard County, or coming to the area to be closer to family, having a local resource will be advantageous to the transition.

VSells is locally owned. They are available when you need them, not just during business hours.They can assist with legal help, movers, community organizers, even help you find financial aid for medical equipment

Your consultant will schedule appointments after your conversation, and help with the paperwork to get moved in. They will even be there on moving day to make the transfer easier.

They work with quality organizations that are vetted to provide the best safety, service, and care. 

The Benefits

Knowing the care you or your loved one will receive is so important, but there are so many other benefits to assisted living and care facilities. Not only is healthcare available, meals, and activities. The ability to make friends and share memories, new and old. 

Most importantly, you or your loved one can be close. The worry isn’t as great, when you know you're being provided for or providing for the one you love.

The VSells Senior Transition Program is here to assist in an often difficult situation. We can advise and assist you to help you find your next home, without high pressure sales tactics.To make you, or your loved one as comfortable as possible and keep you or them as close as you need them to be. For more information on homes for the golden years, contact Vsells & Associates today.

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Whether you are buying or selling, we at VSells & Associates make it our mission to guide our clients through the whole process. We make moving simple, straightforward, and as stress-free as possible.

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