6 Reasons Your Home Might Not Be Selling

6 Reasons Your Home Might Not Be Selling

Fall is the perfect time to start embarking on your real estate journey, especially if you are selling your home and moving into a new one. Most home-buyers seek to get settled in their new houses before winter comes, so that they can spend the holidays celebrating in their new location. If you are working to make a speedy sale before the colder months hit but find yourself having trouble, this article is for you. Let’s explore 6 reasons your home might not be selling. 

#1 - Your Home Is Overpriced

The first aspect to explore when trying to learn why your home might not be selling, is the listing price. One of the most common reasons why your home might not be selling quite as fast as you had anticipated is the cost in which you have valuated your home at. Speak with your real estate agent about getting a proper valuation, to find out if it is simply the market or buyers, or if your home is over-valued causing a slow sale. 

#2 - You Are Not Marketing Your Listing 

Marketing your listing is a great way to give your home more exposure and even promote events such as open houses or guided tours. Social media is an affordable, effective way to get the word out and let people know that your property has hit the market. Instead of only pitching a sign for those who drive by to see, marketing your listing can help you attract a wider net of buyers and decrease the amount of time your home spends on the market. 

#3 - The Home Needs Repairs 

Avoiding necessary renovations before listing your home for sale is a common mistake made by homeowners who are trying to attract new buyers. Just because you are soon moving out does not mean you should neglect repairs and updates, as this can cause your home to be on the market for a longer period of time. Upgrading appliances, refinishing kitchens and bathrooms, or even including new furniture in the sale is a great way to make your listing more attractive to buyers. 

#4 - Curb Appeal Is Not Up to Par

Have you heard of curb appeal when it comes to listing your home for sale? If not, this could be a reason your home is lasting on the market longer than you expected. Curb appeal is the general aesthetic of the exterior of the home that is first noticeable by passerby or potential buyers showing up for an open house or tour. Simple fixes can be made in order to increase curb appeal, such as making sure the grass is freshly cut, planting flowers around the home, or repainting the exterior of the property. 

#5 - Market Conditions 

Of course, market conditions can play a major role in the speed of your home sale. However, you should still try to incorporate the above tips before only relying on the market improving to finally get your home off the market. Speak with your real estate agent about what current market conditions mean for the speed of your home sale, and when you can expect things to start looking up. 

#6 - Unresponsive or Uninformed Agent 

Last but not least, working with an unresponsive or uninformed agent can extend your home sale. If your agent is not up to date on real estate marketing, staging, or pricing trends, this can serve as a disadvantage to you as a homebuyer. Be sure to properly vet your real estate agent prior to committing to work together. This partnership should go both ways! 

We hope this article helped you learn a few new ways to upgrade your home selling experience and give you context as to why your property might be staying on the market longer than expected. For more helpful real estate content or to speak with a professional today, be sure to contact Vsells & Associates. 

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