Creating a Work From Home Setup In Your New Home

Creating a Work From Home Setup In Your New Home

To maximize productivity and achieve success when working from home, a good home office setup is crucial. Working remotely has a lot of perks, one being flexibility. However, this doesn't mean you should work from your desk every day! Improper work setup can impact your overall health and happiness. In this article, we will explore how to create a work from home setup in your new home. 

Embrace The Element of Comfort

Embrace the element of comfort when working from home. Instead of working from your bed, which can be unproductive and cause you to get distracted, be sure to get yourself set up at a desk. But it doesn’t have to be a boring desk. Feel free to add pillows to your chair, throw on comfortable clothing, add a cozy rug, and embrace the comforts of home! This is a huge perk of remote work and can help you feel more creative in your environment. 

Try To Find a Distraction-Free Space

When working from home, try to find a distraction-free space in order to maximize productivity. You’ll want to choose a space that is dedicated to only work. If this means just getting a desk in your bedroom specifically for your career — do it! If you live in a larger home, try to avoid highly-populated areas such as the kitchen or living room. Even though these can be well-lit comforting spaces, they make it hard to focus. 

Invest in Ergonomic Tools

Investing in good work-from-home tools is essential. Ergonomic tools are made specifically for the health and comfort of workers who utilize technology to get their work done. You need your posture, wrist, hand, and upper body function to be working properly. If you do not prioritize ergonomic tools, you risk forming illnesses such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 


One of the first items you want to purchase is an ergonomic keyboard to help support your wrists and hands. You can also explore investing in a standing desk, to help with blood flow and posture. If you don’t want to purchase one, you can move your workspace to a high counter or prop up your laptop on books to create the perfect height. 

Make Sure Lighting Is a Priority 

Lighting is key when working from home near a screen. Soft light is ideal as it creates a peaceful working space that will help you remain calm and focused. Natural lighting is ideal, but this isn’t always doable, especially if you use a screen that can cause glare and harsh reflection. You can also invest in blue light glasses to help ease eye strain when working long hours on the computer. 

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