Home Design Trends of 2024

Home Design Trends of 2024

With the new year comes new home design trends! Let's explore home design trends of 2024 that you can take inspiration from when upgrading your home or looking to purchase a new one. 

Smart Home Technology

While it seems like everything is going smart these days, it is for a good reason! Instead of only looking at smart home technology as a tool, look at it as a design feature in the new year. From speakers that can create an incredible dining ambiance to lighting that can help soothe the mind at the end of a long day, smart home technology can be a game changer. We predict that new builds this year will be sure to include smart technology, and potential sellers will be upgrading their properties with this functionality 

Sustainable Updates and Eco-Friendly Designs

Going green is not only for the planet, as it can create a unique home design feeling, too. In the new year, both home buyers and sellers will be focusing on how they can adopt a more sustainable approach to home design as a whole. We expect to see sustainable updates such as:

  • Composting garbage disposals
  • Solar-powered homes
  • Energy-saving technology 
  • Sustainable material builds 
  • Heightened focus on insulation 

Home Office Updates

Work from home is here to stay. Instead of commuting to an office and only coming home for dinner and bedtime, more and more individuals are focusing on creating an elevated home office experience to make working from home more enjoyable. In the new year, we expect to see sellers breaking ground to install home office expansions onto properties, apartments adding study nooks into their layout offerings, and more dedicated spaces for socialization and separation in the home. 

Multi-Family Attachments 

It's no secret that the cost of living has dramatically increased, and everyone is feeling it. Not only is it expensive to purchase a home and pay the bills, but investing in things such as long-term home care has also become harder to attain. As a result, we expect to see more multi-family attachments being built in 2024. Families will come together to live on one piece of property while taking care of one another, to save money and cut down on expensive healthcare costs. 

Mixing Traditional and Modern Styles

Over the past several years, modern-style homes have been at the forefront of design trends. However, in the new year, we will see more of a balanced blend of traditional and modern styles mixing with one another. If you are a fan of traditional farmhouse-style designs and cottage-feeling decor, this should bring about excitement! 

Minimalism and Color-Blocking

One Trend that is not going anywhere in the new year is minimalism. Keeping things simple, clean, and fresh will never go out of style (well, not in 2024 at least!). Color-blocking is also making a comeback, especially when we consider neutrals. Color blocking shades of tan, gray, brown, and white can make for a unique yet chic home design. 

We hope this article helped you spark new ideas for decorating and designing your home in 2024. To chat with experts on all your real estate needs, contact VSells & Associates today.

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