Making Your Home More Energy Efficient Before Selling

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient Before Selling

It’s no secret that going green has become a top priority for many as they strive to live more planet-friendly, ecological lives. The real estate market is not exempt from this trend in the right direction! One of the best ways you can make your home attractive to those who are passionate about the planet is by making your home more energy efficient before selling. In this article, we will explore updates you can make to make your home sell to those who are looking to go green.

Conduct an Energy Audit

First and foremost, before you plan on making any improvements to your home, conduct an energy audit to decide what is worth investing in. Energy audits will allow you to see what improvements will give you the highest ROI and where the largest area of renovation opportunity lies in your home.

Insulate Your Basement, Attic, Shed, and Garage 

No matter where you live, the least-insulated places in your home are likely your basement, attic, shed, and garage. These are some of the easiest go-to spots to focus on when renovating your home to become more green. By insulating these places, you will conserve more energy, and spend less money month over month on heating and cooling your home.

Focus on Renewable Energy 

Renewable energy is another great way to invest in making your home more earth-friendly. While this is one of the more expensive renovation avenues, it is extremely effective when trying to lower your energy usage. 

Optimize Heating and Cooling 

Optimizing your home’s heating and cooling systems is another method you can use to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Update your heat and air conditioning systems so that they are up to code and as efficient as possible.

Research Energy-Star Appliances 

Updating the appliances in your home can help make the property sell quicker and stay on the market for a shorter period of time. Focus on the kitchen and laundry room and research certified Energy-star appliances to help take a greener approach to cooking and doing your wash. As a bonus tip, you can also search on second-hand sites such as Facebook Marketplace or appliance repair stores for deals on these certified machines! 

Change Out Your Lighting

Before putting your home on the market, update the lighting in your home to a more energy-efficient option. This way, you can advertise your home as having greener lighting and attract more buyers to the property!

Go Solar 

Last but not least, consider going solar to make the ultimate commitment to going green and helping create an energy-efficient property. Homes that have solar panels already installed tend to sell quickly, as buyers hope to invest in a property that will cost them more upfront, but less month over month in electric bills. 

We hope this article helped you better understand ways in which you can get creative in making your home more energy efficient before placing it on the market. If you are looking to connect with real estate professionals to discuss how to best buy and sell, contact VSells&Associates today! 

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