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Moving? What to Keep, What to Sell, and What to Toss

Moving? What to Keep, What to Sell, and What to Toss
Are you moving into a new home? If so, this means that many hours of decluttering and packing are in store for you. When going through years’ worth of items you have collected, you may start to realize you can’t take it all with you. Parting with some items can be difficult, especially if you’ve held onto them forever. However, purging items you no longer need will help make the moving process much easier. In this article, we will explore items you should keep, sell, and toss when planning your next move.

What to Keep

Let’s start with the easiest category – things you should keep! When planning your move, taking everyday items with you will save you lots of time and money once you are settled in your new space. Taking complete bedroom sets, gently-used furniture such as tables and couches, and any dining room chairs and high tops is a smart move. You’ll also want to keep any chargers for new electronic devices, and manuals to go with them.
Be sure to pack your frequently used clothing and accessories, along with everyday bathroom essentials such as toiletries. Basic cleaning suppliers are a must, too! These items can be expensive to replace, and you will likely want to give your new space a good clean before unpacking your items. Kitchen supplies such as basic cookware should also be taken with you.

What to Sell

You can make a lot of money from selling your gently used items, and we mean a lot of money. Posting items on sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, or taking goodies to your local thrift store can help you make some extra cash to spend on your new space. Try to start by prioritizing items that you have multiple of. For example, if you have 5 cooking skillets – you could probably spare one or two! Decluttering office supplies is another area to focus on, as these items can be difficult to travel with.
Keeping a pair of sheets as well as a spare is crucial, but any extra towels or linens that are taking up space in your closet, feel free to post online or donate! The same goes for luggage. Keeping one travel tote and a suitcase will help you ensure a smooth transition into your new home. Selling gently used items will make someone else’s day!
You can also explore selling furniture that no longer matches your style and taste. Anything you don’t have a set of or items that someone else could refinish make a great project and are easy to sell!

What to Toss

Deciding what to toss can be the most challenging part of this process. This is especially true if you are someone who holds onto items for many years. You might become attached to certain things you don’t use anymore!
Start by decluttering your old magazines and home decor. Any seasonal pieces that you can’t see fitting into your new life can be donated at your local Savers or thrift market. Broken items that can’t easily be fixed should also go, as these will take up valuable room in your shipping boxes. Stained or ripped clothing can be tossed or turned into rags for cleaning your new space.
Take a look at your medication and cosmetic collection and check the expiration dates on these items. You’d be surprised by the short shelf life many of these products have! Start fresh in your new home and toss any expired items.

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